two hands holding a smartphone with a drawn ear coming out of its screentwo hands holding a smartphone with a drawn heart coming out of its screen

LSTNR provides a safe community that allows you to feel heard, and valued

Because at the end of the day, this is all any of us really needs

peer2peer mental health

Openness as a strength

We believe in the power of being human. It's brave to open up, because we create value through connection.

Here's a taste of how we want to do that — we're still working hard on the real app.

Do you want to have the unique opportunity to think along?

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A Listening EAr

Because you like to help out when you can

It feels good to be appreciated. An easy way to feel valued is to help someone, with nothing but a listening ear.

We call this the Helper's High. Your body produces the hormones serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. And that feels good!

Together we form a community of support. A 'new normal' in which helpfulness and personal growth are paramount

Release what's holding you back

To help you move forward again

Sometimes you have to vent your heart to be able to continue. And that is often easier with someone you do not know.

The LSTNR app provides a safe environment where you can anonymously share what you're feeling.

If you don't feel safe enough to share your feelings with your personal relationships, you can share them with us and experience the benefits of shared sorrow. well as shared joy, of course